KZN Solar Maps & GIS Layers

In 2012 the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) provincial government procured solar GIS layers to be placed in the public domain and to stimulate the solar industry in KZN. These layers are based on Solargis satellite derived data.



Technical Report

Poster Maps

KwaZulu-Natal Solar Maps
Poster Maps
Poster Maps – Small Print

DIF  1.75 MB

DNI  2.02 MB

GHI 1.93 MB

GTI  1.85 MB

Opt Angle  1.57 MB

PV1  1.85 MB

Poster Maps – Large Print

DNI  83.6 MB

GHI  69.9 MB

GTI + Opt Angle  86.1 MB

PV1  84.7 MB

GIS Layers

DNI & GHI GIS layers for KZN
GIS Layers
GIS Layers  (folder)